Subsystems of Data Cable Installations

Subsystems of Data Cable Installations

Data cable installations have a series of subsections that will all work together with each other to provide seamless communications. These subsystems are:

  • The entrance facilities – this is the place where the telephone network from the phone company will end and the on premises wiring is connected.
  • The equipment rooms – we have all of the pieces of equipment and any consolidation points for the wiring that are for the users within a building.
  • The backbone cabling – this is what connects the equipment and the telecommunication rooms. This is required because in most cases a business will have rooms on different floors of a building. So this type of cabling plays an absolutely essential role.
  • The horizontal cabling – this is either inside or outside and will connect the telecommunication rooms within a building to work outlets or areas for work.
  • This will be put in place in the ceilings, conduits or wireways that might already be inside a building.
  • Telecommunication rooms – these form a vital link that is between the backbone and horizontal cabling and are found within all workplaces.
  • Work areas and their components – these are used to connect phones and PCs / laptops to the horizontal cabling that lives within a building.
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