Point To Point Links

Point to Point Links

At dB Data Comms we have been providing point to point services over copper, fibre, laser &microwave Wireless Bridge units throughout the UK meeting various requirements for many years.

High speed data transmission & reliability is key to any backbone service, which is why we use market leading providers & suppliers.

Extending the network throughout buildings, towns & city’s is vital to some businesses which is why we have direct access & agreements with providers which allows us to cover vast areas with extended services. Speed maybe reliant on provider covered areas.

Our highly trained engineers in high speed short haul line of sight & non line of sight laser & microwave units make dB Data Comms the provider with a difference!

Point to Point Wireless Bridge LinkWireless bridges tend to be the cheaper solution & are as highly resilient as a provider connection. Maybe you require a connection between an office or remote building and your main building network, and the more traditional methods of linking up such as digging trenches and laying new cable for instance are too expensive, time consuming, or simply impossible in due to multiple factors.

A Wireless Bridge set up installed by our highly skilled team is a fantastic alternative method to provide secure and fast data, voice and video application connections to your remote buildings without the hassle of waiting for long provider installations – Bridges can be installed & commissioned in a matter of days not months!

Call us for a FREE offsite survey, we use sophisticated pre-installation platforms which determine whether there is a line of site between two given points, which helps on planning & considering capability of different manufacturers prior to visiting site.

At dB Data Comms we have a team of specialist wireless bridge installation engineers and we can usually have your bridge up and running in just a few hours, call us today to discuss your requirements.



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